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The CANFIN Group of Companies

Our commitment to you offers a unique qualified approach to wealth creation and management to ensure your financial success.

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CANFIN Financial Group of Companies

With an integrated approach to the creation, distribution, preservation and management of wealth we involve highly skilled individuals to develop custom tailored solutions based on the unique circumstances of our clients.

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CANFIN Magellan Investments Inc.

We offer “a qualified approach to wealth” and we offer you several options to monitor your investment.

CANFIN Management Inc.

Management consulting, tax and estate management. Services for business and individuals.

CANFIN Mortgage & Equity Inc.

Our Mortgage Agents provide the choice of many lenders and mortgage products plus the convenience of anytime, anywhere service.

CANFIN Capital Group Inc.

Provides independent services for all your personal and business needs.

CANFIN Realty Services Inc.

At CANFIN Realty Services Inc. we uphold an ongoing commitment to providing an elevated level of personal service. 


CANFIN Private Wealth Inc.

We are committed to delivering significant value to our clientele in their wealth building journey, regardless of what stage they are presently at!

CANFIN Magellan Investments Inc

CANFIN Magellan Investments Inc. recognize that different investors have different investment needs and objectives. We also recognize that while you want to grow your investments, you may not have the time nor perhaps the expertise to do it on your own. This is where your CANFIN Magellan Investment Inc. advisor comes in. At CANFIN, we offer “a qualified approach to wealth”, which means that we will listen to you and understand your needs.


Designing an investment portfolio:

  • After a thorough understanding of your Investment Goals, we will develop a personalized strategy taking into account
    your age, time horizon, risk comfort level, and investment suitability. We will then present our strategy to you, and
    together we will construct and implement your investment portfolio.
  • Once implemented, your investment portfolio will be monitored. We’ll make adjustments if needed that will be
    communicated to you. Together, we’ll ensure that you are on track and on schedule to meet your goals.
  • With your investments we’ll provide full Financial Planning for all stages of your life. You will receive your statements
    every quarter, plus you can review investment progress via our Client Center.
  • CANFIN Magellan Investments Inc. is an independent distributor of mutual funds and excellent investment products such
    as GIC’s.

Quick facts about us:

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CANFIN Management Inc. (CMI)

Management Consulting, Tax and Estate Management for Businesses and Individuals

Wealth Distribution and Management – offers various Planning and Advisory Services strategies to manage and distribute wealth, especially in the most tax-efficient manner. Whether the distribution of wealth is for retirement funding, education funding, succession and estate planning or any other reason, maximum transfer value is only possible by minimizing or eliminating taxes.


Comprehensive services through our closely linked group of expert service providers,Who is CMI?

CMI is the management-consulting arm of CANFIN FINANCIAL GROUP of companies. Since 1995, tens of thousands of
individuals, professionals, and business enterprises have created, preserved, managed and distributed their wealth with the
qualified advice of CANFIN’s management consultants, certified financial planners and advisors. Our services are specifically
tailored to the Small and Medium size Enterprises (SMEs).

What you can expect from CANFIN MANAGEMENT INC. (CMI):

CMI is a management consulting firm that specializes in working in Canada with small and medium business enterprises
(SMEs). Generally speaking, SMEs are an important sector of the Canadian economy. Despite their small and medium size, they
make a substantial impact in job creation, innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • SMEs are often left alone to sink or swim. Their size makes it difficult to obtain high priced, big name consulting firms.
    CMI specializes with SMEs. Our consulting work is custom designed for the SME. Therefore, the size of the work is
    commensurate with the fees paid, making our services very affordable. Most importantly, our recommendations often
    lead to immediate action converting the cost of our work into an investment.
  • We help our SME clients demonstrate trustworthy signs of good management through organizational success. We do
    this by conducting an organizational check-up using our exclusive Business Diagnostic Systems resulting in helping the
    organization realize its strategic competitive advantage.
  • When we undertake a project for a client, we focus on how the business can use its competitive advantage to:

■ Improved Profitability
■ Increased Market-share,
■ Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
■ Exponential Value-creation

  • CMI’s objective is to help SMEs discover and execute their Competitive Advantage. We do this by using “our qualified
    approach”. This approach involves three steps:

Investigation: A comprehensive business diagnostic in which all aspects of the business (marketing, finance, HR/operations,
technology, communication and strategy) are investigated

Assessment: Rigorous assessment of our investigation combined with an objective “internal and external size-up” of the
business and its position relative to competitors will allow the business client to determine their unique capabilities and core
competencies. (This step involves face-to-face meeting with the company owner and senior management team.)

Report Findings: The deliverables at this stage consist of: External and Internal “size-up” findings:

  • Revised strategic direction (vision, mission, and value statements)
  • Key issues to address (Goals and Objectives)
  • Action items and implementation steps

CMI stands firmly on 5 principles:

  1. Consistent application of our proven and qualified Business Diagnostics models.
  2. Excellence in all of our dealings between our clients and us.
  3. Comprehensive services through our closely linked group of expert service providers.
  4. To deliver independent, objective, and sound advice/recommendations by combining high level and low level analysis with the
    internal and external business environment within which our clients operate.
  5. Committed to being good corporate citizens by adhering to the triple bottom line: sustainable business, environmentally
    friendly business and ethical business operations to make stakeholders proud to associate with us. So proud in fact, that we
    become contagious to all those who are in contact with us.

– D. Tony Mahabir, Principal – Management Consulting, CANFIN Management Inc.

CANFIN Capital Group Inc.

Risk and Estate management

CANFIN Capital Group Inc., through its licensed and professionally trained insurance representatives, provides independent insurance analysis and services for all your personal and business needs.


Products for Individuals:

  • HISA: Segregated Funds
  • Travel Health Insurance
  • Supplementary Health
  • Disability Income Plans
  • Life Insurance
  • Mortgage Protection Plans
  • Individual Health, Dental, and Prescription Plans
  • Substandard/Rated Programs

Business Products:

  • Business Maintenance
  • Buy/Sell Funding
  • Key Person Funding
  • Employee Group Plans
  • Individual Group Insurance
  • Collateral Insurance
  • Secular Trusts

We represent many of Canada’s Top Rated Insurance Companies. This means that you and your CANFIN Representative will
compare several different policy options side by side and custom tailor a policy that’s best for you.

If you would like personalized advice or specific policy change, or recommendation, please contact your CANFIN Capital Group
representative or e-mail us at

CANFIN Mortgage & Equity Inc.

Residential and Commercial Mortgages:


Canfin Mortgage and Equity Inc. is your one-stop-shop for all your mortgage need. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, looking to refinance, or invest in a rental property, our team of experienced professionals is here to help.

At our brokerage, we understand that applying for a mortgage can be overwhelming. That’s why we offer a personalized approach to each of our clients. We take the time to understand your unique financial situation, goals, and preferences to recommend the right mortgage product for you.


Our brokerage offers a wide range of mortgage products, including fixed and variable rate mortgages, home equity loans, and more. We work with a network of trusted lenders to provide you with competitive rates and flexible terms.

Our team of experienced professionals understands the Canadian real estate market inside and out, and we’re committed to helping you secure the best possible mortgage solution for you.

At our mortgage brokerage, we’re committed to making the mortgage application process stress-free and straightforward for you. Contact your Canfin Advisor or our client care team at today to learn more about how we can help you secure the right mortgage for your needs in Canada.

ON License Number 11949
Corporate Office: 680 Rexdale Blvd., Suite 26, Toronto, ON M9W 0B5

CANFIN Realty Services Inc.

At CANFIN Realty Services Inc. we uphold an ongoing commitment to providing an elevated level of personal service. Our clients come first, and as a result, they are able to achieve more than they ever dreamed with their real estate investment.

Because we expect more from our associates, you can expect more from us when it comes to the important sale or purchase of your property. When it comes to your next move, we want you to experience the difference exceptional real estate service can make.


Visit us at Canfin Realty Services Inc. to get in contact with our Realty Team and find a property to meet your needs.

CANFIN Private Wealth Inc.

Wealth management solutions for affluent and institutional investors.

Starting with the Accumulation and Growth phase, to
The Protection and Preservation phase, leading to
The Maximization and Optimization phase, and finally
The Transition and Succession of wealth phase.

We are committed to delivering significant value to our clientele in their wealth building journey, regardless of what stage they are presently at!


This landscape contains a wide range of diverse and demanding clientele with unique
characteristics, such as their:

  • Personal wealth profiles (Income, Net-Worth, Occupation)
  • Wants and needs (lifestyle and financial)
  • When and How they are approached, and
    Different Pricing structure (Individual, High Net-Worth, Family Office – Knowledge & Expertise)

Since inception, our vision has been unwavering in an ever-changing world: to be the Premier wealth management advisory firm in the communities we choose to serve!

Member of the Portfolio Management Association of Canada

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